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Adult Language and Learning has been serving the Chatham-Kent community since 1984, and the immigrants of the area since 1987.

Adult Language and Learning is funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities and the Government of Canada through the Department of Citizenship and Immigration.

We are a not-for-profit registered charity organization.

Agency goals
Our History

During the latter part of the 1970’s a group of adults began to assist students under the auspices of the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities (A.C.L.D.). Before many years had passed some adults began to seek similar help. In 1980 an effort led by Bill Kranenburg and others began to bring the need for a separate program for illiterate adults to the attention of the community. Subsequently the Adult Learning Opportunity student programs were both being offered at C.K.S.S.

In 1984 the incidence of adult illiteracy in North America was receiving increasing attention from all sectors of society governments, the private sector, educators and the public at large. Adult Basic Education was created in November of 1984.

Thus began the Adult Language and Learning Program that we have today.

From a very loosely organized but effective program using minimal staff and as many volunteers as could be found, the program gradually increased both in size and organized support.

Adult Basic Education was formed in November 1984 with 21 members representing 16 community organizations. The council was housed in a converted storeroom at C.K.S.S.

By January 1987 the program had developed to the point that an appropriate office with both a visible and walk in accessible location was required. The Waymur Building on Fifth Street was selected. Over the years the office has been enlarged but remains in the Waymur Building.

On April 6, 2006 the Chatham Kent Council on Adult Basic Education changed its name to Adult Language and Learning to better reflect the services offered.

  • Bring together those citizens of Chatham Kent who are committed to reducing the incidence of adult illiteracy

  • Identify priorities and needs of program learners

  • Expand current services and/or mobilize efforts to develop new services

  • Advocate for citizens lacking basic education

  • Organize workshops and seminars on the topic of Adult Language and Learning

  • Assist in eliminating barriers to employment with further education, language training

  • Survey local resources with the aim of mobilizing them towards the reduction of adult illiteracy in Chatham Kent

  • Advise and provide consultation to individuals and organizations interested in promoting Adult Language and Learning in Chatham Kent

  • Liaise with other individuals and organizations that promote Adult Language and Learning outside Chatham Kent

  • Monitor the programs

  • Locate funding for local Adult Language and Learning programs

Board of Directors

President - Anne Gooch

Vice President - Alice Silcox

Treasurer - Carrie Avery

Secretary - Julie Meko  

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