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Immigrant Youth Services

Adult Language and Learning’s youth services aims to equip newcomers (between 13-24) with skills, information, and strategies to aid in their their integration and adaptation journey in Canada.

The youth program aims to form a symbiotic relationship with newcomer youth in Chatham-Kent, providing them with services and support, while understanding what resources and opportunities can be adapted to accommodate their needs.

Adult Language and Learning provides an inclusive and diverse youth program, and we welcome individuals who identify as LGBTQ, marginalized, and vulnerable populations. The youth program also works with the school boards of Chatham-Kent to compliment the education system, and ensure that all pupils are supported.

Have questions or looking for help? Contact Adult Language and Learning’s Youth Program now. Our priority is you!

Youth workers are available in the office on Fridays for one on one appointments.

From 9:30am - 11:00pm

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