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Employment Programs
JSW Program and Employment Navigator

Program Overview

Are you wondering what the next steps in your job search should be?  PEP staff can help you assess your needs. 



During your first visit, your needs will be thoroughly assessed and you'll get help developing an action plan.  This action plan will provide you with strategies to address the barriers that prevent you from doing an effective job search. It becomes a key document that you can use to keep track of how well you are doing.  It may include referrals to other programs, agencies or one of the PEP sessions.



Four weeks after your assessment your assessor will follow up with you.  Together you will review your action plan to determine your progress.  If needed, your assessor can refer you to other agencies or programs.


Who is Eligible

You must be a permanent resident, convention refugee or live-in caregiver in order to qualify for the program.  


How to Register

Interested in having your employment needs assessed? 

Contact us at Connie at 519.354.7424 or

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