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Intercultural Education Services 

As people continue to immigrate to Canada, it is imperative for us to increase our understanding of cultural diversity in order to be aware of the contributions immigrants make to our society.  To build a successful community we need to understand, appreciate and establish relationships with people from cultures other than our own.


Our Cultural Diversity information sessions and workshops will help you to embrace immigrants’ uniqueness and differences to interact in ways that facilitate collaboration with people in today’s diverse world.

45 Minute Cultural Diversity Presentation

In 2010 Adult Language and Learning was funded by IRCC through the Welcoming Communities initiative to researched and developed a presentation to provide Cultural Diversity education to groups, students, service providers, organizations, employers and employees in Chatham-Kent area .


Over the past six years our certified Intercultural Trainers Connie Piggott and Magdiel Hoste have host over 200 discussions promoting the importance of Intercultural awareness.


Adult Language and Learning believes that through education and communal cognizance, every person can become compassionate, and proactive in regards to diversity and inclusion

Intercultural Education Training Services

As people, organizations and businesses are operating  more on the globally stage , it has become more important than ever that we respect the significance of culture when dealing with people. It is a fact that our future successes internationally will hinge on our ability to operate with cultural awareness.


These four module trainings were developed to:


  • teach you the Fundamentals of Intercultural Competencies

  • build a strong foundation for appropriate and effective use of intercultural competency skills

  • examine your own biases and assumptions

  • identify and analyze how culture and values can influence us on an individual, group and organizational level


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Adult Language and Learning Intercultural Diversity Training Descriptors 2016
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