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Our History
A.L.L Timeline 

While the initial support came from very few sources including the Kent County Board of Education and the Kent County Roman Catholic Separate School Board, over the years various programs have been funded by the following agencies.

  • The Ministry of Citizenship and Culture first grant April 1987

  • The Ministry of Education and Training

  • The Ministry of Skills Development

  • The Ministry of Culture and Communications

  • Ontario Community Literacy

  • The Ministry of Employment and Immigration

  • Ontario Settlement and Immigration

  • Ontario Settlement and Integration

  • Ontario Training and Adjustment Board

The variety of projects that have been put together to provide learning experiences has been substantial over the history of Adult Language and Learning. A partial listing of such projects would include:

1987 Adult Language and Learning one on one tutoring 650 clients
1988 English as a Second Language over 1200 clients
1988 Citizenship Classes for Immigrants
1989 Oral History Project (From Mexico to Kent)
1989 Reading the Signs (a performance at the Chatham Cultural Centre)
1991 Literacy in the workplace (Waltec Components)
1992 Language Instructions for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)
1992 Labour Adjustments Program
1993 Jobs Ontario (Pre-employment training)
1994 Community Living literacy training programs
1995 Ontario Basic Skills (New Beginnings)
1997 Literacy Basic Skills
2006 Essential Skills Training
2007 Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP)
2007 Immigrant information sessions
2007 Newcomer Information Resource Centre
2008 Child minding program for Newcomers attending LINC, ISAP and JSW programs
2009 Job Search Workshops for immigrants (JSW)
2009 Pre-Employment Workshops (ESW)

2010 Diversity and Inclusion

2011 Youth Settlement Services

Adult Language and Learning (A.L.L.) has been served by many members of our community. Some have served for a short time some for many years. The same must be said for our volunteers, without whom the core one on one program would not exist. The role of the council continues to evolve (incorporation) but, at the same time, continues to be a constant. To assist those people within our community who are in need of assistance to learn to read and write in the English Language. The council meets a very real and important need in Kent County that would probably not be met by any other existing agency.

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